Welcome to The Eight Sacred Rooms

Here we are creating sacred rooms for people to create, heal and improve themselves. These rooms are inspired by the channel from the Group: The Sacred Room.


These Eight Sacred Rooms have been set in order for most effective use. Use them any way you like or allow us to suggest the following:.

1. State your creation in the first room carefully. Be careful what you ask for. . . you will receive it. Then revisit the room the next day and see if it feels complete. If it is not complete, reword the creation and post it again. Take as long as you need until it feels right, posting no more than once in a day. When you feel complete with your statement, move to the next room.

2. Follow this order with each room until you complete all eight. In each room find something to say about your creation. If the room topic and suggestions do not seem to apply to your situation, simply post that in the room and return the next day and read it again. If it feels complete the next day when you return, then move to the next room. Understand when writing that you are not writing for others. This is between you and the Universe.

3. Please use common sense and Re-member that the idea is to create a safe space for all to heal themselves. This is not a discussion and we ask that you NOT post a response to any postings in these rooms. If you wish to comment or help another and they have given their e-mail address, please contact them directly. If you are not choosing contact do not give your e-mail when posting.

4. There are no spell checkers here but it is possible to write in your word processor, then cut and paste it in the box. Sorry but the technology does not let us put paragraph breaks. It is best to keep your post reasonable in length as it is hard to read without paragraphs. HTML code is not recognized. Please do not attempt to place pictures or scripts here.

5. Please do not add copyrighted material to this space without permission from the author.

6. Improving your life can be set into motion in as little as eight days, however this is not a race. We only ask that you re-member one point. Enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination. Enjoy the ride!

1. Room Of Creation

Welcome to the Sacred Room of Spoken Intent.

It all begins here:

This is a representation of a true fifth dimensional space. In this room the time lag is much less than the time lag in the third dimension. In this space thoughts turn into reality very quickly.

1. Start by placing your Creation into motion by stating it in writing here. You are not writing for others, this is between you and the Universe.

2. Return here the next day or whenever possible to review your statement. If you feel complete then progress to the next room. If it is not complete, post it again until it feel true. Return the following day to review it again.

3. While you are here look at the other creations and send them energy with unconditional love. We ask that you honor all Creations set into motion here. If you wish feed back or contact from others when posting, then please include your e-mail address so others can respond to you directly. Please DO NOT respond to posts here. This is not a discussion room, therefore, we ask that you refrain from commenting about other posts in this space.

There is only one caution here: Be ready to accept what you ask for!
If you do not like your creation or your reality at any time, please return here and choose again

Expect a miracle and we will help you create it!

2. Room Of Fear

Welcome to the room of Fear. The Group says Fear is just a lack of information. First identify the fear by identifying the information that is missing. The vacuum can even be filled with temporary information when the final outcome is not known.

In this space identify any fears that may keep you from realizing your creation. Once identified, fill in the missing information.

We suggest that you be ruthless here as you identify possible fears related to your creations. Often it is the obvious that is overlooked like ‘fear of success’.

Post your fears here and return the next day. If it feels complete then move on to the next room.

3. Room Of Forgiveness

To error is human… to forgive is divine.

The Group says that the act of forgiveness is an act of giving yourself a gift in the future. You set the energy of the future when you clear your own energy and give in front of yourself, thus the word “for-give.”

Holding a resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You are the one who is drained of energy.

In this space we ask you to look closely at any resentments you are holding or other opportunities for forgiveness that you may have. This may be a matter of forgiving another or yourself. Even if they seemed to not be directly related to your creation, they can steal your energy while feeling extremely comfortable.

Write your statement of forgiveness here. Then carry the release into the outer world and apply it any way you can. When you return here if it feels complete then move to the next room. Take your time here. This is important.

4. Room Of Healing

Welcome to the Healing Room.

This is a sacred space created for others to feel comfortable enough to heal or change themselves. Healing must be requested according to the Group. The 12 paradigms for facilitating in the new energy speak of the Healing and facilitating in the higher vibration of the New Planet Earth.

Here we offer you a chance to experience personal healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. If you wish to have others send you energy or be a part of your healing, speak that request in the first part of your writing. Include your e-mail in the posting box if you wish further contact from others. If you choose contact please hold your power. No one can heal you, only you can do that. Loving facilitators can assist in the process. Here you can set your own healing into motion. Miracles do happen everyday. Why not create one now? Whether you write or read here, we ask you to take a moment and read and reflect on the most recent posts of others asking for healing. If they do not specifically ask for energy or healing please honor their wishes, as all healing must be requested.

There are more healers awakening everyday as more people are asking for healing in the 5th dimension. Here is an opportunity for the healer to heal thyself. Master Healers awaken!

5. Room Of Responsibility

The Balance of Personal Power is Responsibility according to the Group.
They say it is simple: If you wish to increase your power, increase your level of responsibility. Here is an opportunity to take full responsibility for every aspect of your reality. The Group says that we have all played the hero and the victim. We have played all of the roles at one time or another.

There are no victims here. Start where you are today. Take responsibility in a statement below and take your power. Return the following day to see if it feels complete. If so, then move on. If not, work with it each day until it is complete.

Here you step into your true power!

The Channel “Responsibility ~ the Balance to Power” was a live channel presented at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, May 3rd 2001. It is a chapter in book two from the Group: “Welcome Home ~ The New Planet Earth.” From Lightworker publications.

6. Room Of Action

When to create and when to allow? The Group suggests that the line is the same line that separate our realities. To put it simply, if it’s on your side of the veil, then it’s yours. If there is something to do to set your creation into motion then do it. This is not always easy as you can see. Just look at how many started in the creation room that have not made it this far. Congratulate yourself for following through to this room. Herein lies the magic.

Once you have set the action into motion, there is still one important action that releases the creation into the next stage. The action of faith. When your actions are in motion, then it is important to release the attachment to the outcome and let go.

In this sixth Sacred Room we suggest that you list the specific actions you will take to set this creation into motion or change your life. Make a commitment to follow through on the actions but do not wait until they are complete to go to the next room. When the listing here feels complete move to the next room as you set the actions into motion in your daily life.

7. Room Of Humor

 The only reason angels fly is because they take themselves so lightly.
Humor is the natural perspective of the Angels according to the Group. In learning to become the Human Angels of the New Planet Earth, we will learn to look at everything that enters our field with a perspective of humor. They suggest that the easiest way to balance the energy in any situation, is to find a way to laugh about it.

Plurk is the combination of Play and Work.

In this space we ask you to find the humor in your journey up to this point. When the laughter comes, the energy is balanced and it is time to move to the next room.

8. Room Of Acceptance

You have just entered the final Sacred Room.

The art of graceful acceptance is an attitude. Most Lightworkers have no difficulty giving and setting the energy into motion. When the energy returns to them in the form of their creations, many are simply unfamiliar with how to accept them. Getting good at accepting is a learned attribute.

Here we ask you to make a written commitment to gracefully accept all creations in any form. Watch as the magic happens.

After all is said and done when you see a result in your life, please return here to this room to post that as well.

You have just completed the entire process of the eight sacred rooms of creation in the fifth dimension.

Welcome Home