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Do you want to join the group of your speaking language and help the current team?

We are here to help you contact the team leader and join the group!

There is no activity in your speaking language or no one has created a team or a web site yet?

We are here to help you set up a team! If there’s no team leader, you will be the one!

Which are the skills needed for someone who wants to join or create a translators team?

Good knowledge of the English language, Microsoft Word documents knowledge and above all, passion to spread the light as a wonderful human angel! You send us the translated Beacons of Light or any other text that is needed in Microsoft Word format and we take over the uploading process.

Each and every one of us, just from our home, can make a big difference on the planet. By offering your talent and translate from English to your speaking language, you are helping a lot of hearts to find a way to realize what they truly are… and how amazing they are. You become a true beacon of light shining in all hearts, offering compassion and a warm message from our spiritual family, so even the most wounded hearts will realize that they are never alone. Everything happens for a very good reason and when your heart is full of love and compassion, you can see your life from a new perspective. The group help us with their messages to maintain this higher perspective. Be a light bearer and deliver the messages in every way you can…!

Share the site with your friends and let the information from our spiritual family go around the world…!

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May everything be well in your world

Nick Pnevmatikos
Translation Manager