Dear fellow-travelers

A new, wonderful and empowering energy is ready to ground in the translation area of After several months of preparation, we are ready to announce the, a web site which hosts all the translated Beacons of Light and all the Lightworker official web sites. We are still transferring the translated Beacons of Light that we have so far in the old and until this process is completed, there will be a link that leads to previous team’s pages. is more than a web page. Out intention is to create a safe space for the wonderful lightworker job that you are offering and to build a community where all the translators will be able to contact one another, empower and hold each other’s hand. We are living in interesting and challenging times and by holding the light while we offer our gifts to the world, we can embrace all the Earth.

We are calling you to help us create together this safe space, heart to heart. We would like to see you participate in this vision and spread the light even more… if you choose to do so of course. So, let us introduce to you the role of the web site and how it works…!

Beacons of Light

The international web site of, will host all the translated messages from the group and Steve Rother. There are teams that used to upload their translated Beacons by themselves but now this is changing. We will do this for you and all you have to do is send us the translation (just the text, no images) in a word document.

Web pages

The international web site will be the official host for all the international web pages. This means that every team can build their own web page under There are specific texts for translation for this purpose and all you have to do is to send them to us in a word document… and we will build for you the official web site of your team. This is something new and we are here to help you make a wonderful official representation for your language of’s web page. You can find the required texts for translation here.

Gifts for you

As we mentioned above, our intent is to create an empowering and safe space for all the beacons to shine… and the beacons are you. We would like to give you the tools in order to support yourselves and help you deal with everything that comes to your life, offering you empowerment. For that, Steve and Barbara Rother are offering free access to all the seminars for all the active translators… a gift from their hearts to yours. To receive this wonderful gift you must be a regular translator, must have delivered at least 5 Beacons of Light and keep delivering one Beacon per month.

For those teams which have already translated all the Beacons of Light, we will keep all the team active, as it is of course – and now, we have texts for translation in order to build the official web site of their languages or anything else that will come in the future.

Translation teams, small but empowered societies

All the teams will continue to work under the Team Leader. The role of Team Leader will be…

… to distribute the texts for translation to the team members

… to send the translated texts to us with the name of the translators

… to inform us for any changes in the team (resigned members, updated members info etc)

And of course, every team member can contact us directly if they feel to do so.

Let’s update your info and give you your gift

In this page, you can find all the translation teams and members.
– If anyone wants to change his / her photo or correct the displayed name, you will contact you team leader and he / she will gather all the updated info from the entire team and send it to us. The same applies for the teams which consist from only one member.
– Team leaders, please inform us about the active members of the team.
– For those who want to become active translators again, please contact us.
– Further instructions of how we will give to the active translators free access to all the seminars, will be delivered to you individually.

Useful information about translations

New volunteers and people who want to become active translators again, please contact Nick at

Translated Beacons of Light should be sent to Nick at

We hope that you will continue to dedicate your talent in translation to our cause and to spread the light all over the world and we are sure that more volunteers will come to help and spread the empowering messages from the group even further. We honor you for that…


May everything be well in your world…
Nick Pnevmatikos
Translation Manager